President’s are leaders… but so are you.

I live in a town where we have five colleges within five miles. I get to meet a lot of students and one of my questions to them is about student loans. I am REALLY surprised how many students have LARGE loans without a true understanding what that means to them and their future.

‘Children will spend over 14,000 hours in school through the 12th grade. But in school there won’t be anyone teaching them how to balance a checkbook, how to save and invest money or how to make wise purchases.

Most likely they will pick up most of their habits and ideas about money from their parents. Mix those habits with the constant stream of consumerism from the media and a child has just been groomed to fail financially. Before they even think about higher education, student loans, home mortgages or retirement they are already being groomed to fall flat on their face.

The worst part is often, most parents hide their true financial status from their kids. So not only do many families have possible bad habits, but now they are hiding them and giving children a false view of finances.

Parents have to be aware that they have one of the most important leadership positions of all. They are grooming the minds of the next generation! In fact, even if you aren’t a parent… you might be a teacher, a nanny, a pediatrician, a coach, a pastor or anyone who has frequent interaction with today’s youth.

Some might be freaking out a little that the damage is done – but it isn’t too late! The truth is, parents probably inherited your mindset on money from their parents. But don’t panic… you have total control over changing it! You have total control over influencing your children and children in your life.

We need to stop hiding the truth of constantly fighting about finances! This is big-time stuff that children need to know and it’s never too early to start including your kids. Let’s do what we can to help groom the next generation for success.’ (modified excerpt from DaniJohnson)


As children are taking out student loans they need to have leaders in their life to help them understand the profound consequences of graduating with $100,000 or $200,000 or YES, I have talked with students under the age of 24 who will have $300,000 of student loan debt.

The next generation needs solid financial advice and it begins with us…

Today’s Life Agreement:
Be a Leader in your family & community. Look in the mirror and commit to a plan to get rid of your debt so you can help the next generation do the same.

Happy President’s Day.

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Take Time

I was reviewing emails, texts and facebook posts and have to pause…

Often times we let ‘little things’ get in the way of our happiness or we get too ‘busy’. As I read through peoples communications with me I realize that I am profoundly fortunate to have such caring, remarkable friends.

People taking time from their hectic lives to wish me a great day or send a prayer or say, ‘I read this and thought you might find value in it’ or ‘I was thinking of you’.

WOW! What a lovely gift; A Friend who is taking time for me.

On The Wings of A Butterfly

Your friendship is special
Like the flowers that bloom,
Or when a butterfly emerges
From within its cocoon…

You remind me of that butterfly,
Loving and free,
Bright and colorful,
For the world to see…

We will share sunshine and rainbows;
Sometimes, the rain and the snow;
We’ll stand together through it,
While the cold winds blow…

When the time is right,
We won’t stop to ask “Why?”
Our friendship will take flight
On the wings of a butterfly …

by Christine McClimans

We don’t know WHEN a friendship will bloom ~ so for today’s Life’s Agreement:

Keep our hearts and minds open to friends and friends to be.


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Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.

Four months ago my Mom passed away. For those of you who have experienced the death of loved you know and understand the sadness….

A lot has to happen, a lot has to change. My dad in his early 80’s can not live on his own so within three weeks he decides to move into an assisted living facility. One night, he and I are talking on the phone and he says in a sad voice “I need to leave all of Mom’s & my worldly possessions behind”. This hit me hard because you see, my parents were teenagers during the Hitler regime and their families had to leave all of their worldly possessions behind…

But, we talked through it, we cried, we laughed and we moved forward.

For 65 years, mom & dad enjoyed a happy marriage, they were friends. They laughed a lot. They entertained and dad always loved to be the host! They were great parents to their five children, they ran a business together and both of our parents despite the horror they experienced as children lived life to it’s fullest without anger but full of love and hope for a better future.

As dad transitioned into his new one room home living amongst strangers I have to be honest I wondered, would he keep that hope a live?

Fast forward to today, he has been in the ALF for about 90 days. And guess what? He has a new ‘hobby’. He is on a mission to bring happiness to others. We talk with dad by phone everyday and about once a week he’ll ask my husband to order him a CD. YES! Music. One week it was Al Hirt, the next it was John Denver then it was Lawrence Welk…

Then after each CD is played for his new friends we get the report… “Heidi, I even got George to tap his foot and he never does anything” Or, Dennis, “do you remember the lady who never smiled, she smiled when I played Al Hirt.”

But, the Merry Widow operetta was not a big hit. “Nobody even wants to listen to it’. Dad just doen’t understand WHY this generation would not enjoy it!

Here’s my observation, through the death of my mom a different passion has been birthed for my dad. Now known as ‘The Music Man’, dad is providing hope and happiness to people he didn’t know 90 days ago.

Today’s Life Agreement:
Have Hope!

‘True faith is ever connected with hope’.
John Calvin


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Say ‘No’ to say ‘Yes’

Have you ever promised yourself you would do something… and for a few days you keep your commitment to yourself.

But then, you notice old habits begin taking over your day, your week, your year. You look back and you meant too… But….

Habits form us. Habits control us. Habits are built over time. Choices make habits.

It is up to US to make certain that our commitments to ourself are a priority.

It sounds kinda selfish but if we want to different tomorrow, a better tomorrow we can not continue doing what we did today and yesterday… if we stay the same then tomorrow will never be different.

Write your goal.
Define your path to achieve your goal.
Commit everyday to accomplish something on your path to your goal….

If you make a commitment to yourself and you find your old habits are taking you back to your old ways, don’t throw in the towel and give up. Re-direct yourself.

Sometimes you will find you have to ‘no’ to other things or other people so you can say ‘yes’ to yourself. You are the only one who can change you. And it is done by setting your goal, writing a plan to achieve your goal and commit to yourself that everyday you will accomplish something on your plan.

When a spacecraft is sent into space 80% of the time it is OFF COURSE! It has to continually re-direct to hit it’s goal.

So remember, when you are off course you can still be on target….

Today’s Life Agreement: Commit to yourself to re-direct as needed… Don’t quit.

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Don’t do The Bruce!

Don't do The Bruce!

So, how are you doing with your resolutions?

Here’s what happens: The New year starts and we are OVER EXCITED about a brand new start.
“I am going to have a different 2014!”
“This year will be different”

Then a few days pass by…

Today is January17th and most of America are allowing ‘other’ things to keep them from their resolutions.

Most of America are breaking promises to themselves.

Ensure you take care of yourself. Keep the promises you made to You!

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January 17, 2014 · 5:22 pm

Today’s thoughts

Life’s agreements is a blog to discuss life.

My husband Dennis and I are BOOMERS who have love to help others. We enjoy talking, various sports, healthy foods and animals.

Dennis had a hip replacement 8 weeks ago and is doing awesome! He now lives without pain which is NEW. For the past 2 years he had chronic pain.

It is joyous to hear him try something new (a new move, a new exercise and so on) and out of the clear blue say “there is no pain”.

Life is a gift. Today’s agreement – be grateful.

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Life’s Agreements

Life’s Agreements ~ With Yourself!                                                                                                            Happiness, Grateful, Hopeful, Responsible, Healthy, Positive, Honest, Committment

What is important to you?

What Transformational Experiences will Profoundly change                                                                YOUR life and the destiny of your family?

Complacency, mediocrity and the fear of dreaming is stifling America.

Together, lets help each other regain the momentum of life, reignite the passion of dreaming, share hope and teach that being exceptional IS within reach and watch the physical health, the spiritual truth and financial debt change for the better.

Today… I will dream.

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November 25, 2013 · 7:46 pm